CNET today highlighted the latest innovation from Big Ass Fans® — the integration of the company’s Haiku® with SenseME smart ceiling fan and the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Associate Editor Ry Crist wrote that Big Ass Fans is “showing some serious smart-home ambitions this year after debuting the Haiku with SenseME, a first-of-its-kind, app-enabled residential ceiling fan packed with smart tech.”

The air movement created by Haiku with SenseME can make you feel several degrees cooler than the actual temperature in a room, so you can raise the temperature on your Nest® Thermostat higher than normal and stay just as comfortable. SenseME’s app automatically suggests higher temperatures that you can select conveniently from your smartphone. Each degree you raise your Nest Thermostat saves up to 5 percent on energy costs. So give your air conditioning system a break and reap the savings — up to 30 percent.

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