Leading technology website CNET recently visited Big Ass Fans’ research-and-development laboratory to view the new Haiku® with SenseME smart ceiling fan. In an article published today, Associate Editor Ry Crist examined the smart fan’s suite of sensors and settings.

Crist noted the technological leap Haiku with SenseME provides in the smart home market with its sensors used to detect heat, humidity and motion. He also praised Haiku with SenseME’s smartphone app. “You’ll be able to control and schedule the Haiku to your heart’s content, or just set it to learn what temperatures you like, then cool accordingly all on its own,” Crist wrote.

He also remarked on Haiku’s quality materials and construction. In fact, he tested Haiku’s Moso bamboo airfoils, which have the tensile strength of steel, by slamming one as hard as possible on a table. Haiku passed the test with ease.

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