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About Black Jack

How do I clean my fan?

Unplug the fan and dust the airfoils and motor. To access the airfoils and motor, remove the upper section of the fan cage. If desired, use a gentle cleaner or degreasing agent to polish the airfoils. Do not use Clorox® or other chlorine-based cleaners! This could result in the release of toxic/fatal fumes. Do not use cleansers inside the control enclosure.

Controlling Black Jack

Do I operate the ion technology separately from the fan?

No. The Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System ionizer will operate at any point when your Big Ass fan is receiving power.

How do I operate my Black Jack fan?

Plug the power cord into a suitable receptacle when the fan is in a stationary position with the casters locked and braked. The fan may begin to rotate upon connection to power.

To turn the fan on and off, press the control knob. The LED indicator is lit when the fan is on. The indicator will flash an error code if there is a problem with the fan.

To increase fan speed, turn the control knob clockwise.

To decrease fan speed, turn the control knob counterclockwise.

To unplug the fan, grasp the plug and remove it from the receptacle. Do not unplug the fan by pulling on the cord.

My fan will not start.

If the fan is rotating slower than 10 RPM, the airfoils must stop moving before the motor will turn on. Wait for the airfoils to stop moving.

If the fan is motionless and will not start, verify the following:

  • The fan is plugged in.
  • The fan is turned on.
  • The supply power is adequate and functional.

If the fan still does not start, contact Customer Service.

Trouble with Something Else

What do I do if the ion generators get wet?

Turn the fan on immediately after the ion generators get wet to dry the generators.

Why is the LED indicator on my fan blinking?

This is indicating a fault code. Big Ass Fans have built-in checks that look for both internal and external faults.

If the fan currently has a fault, the LED indicator will blink a set number of times, then pause for four seconds. The number of times the indicator flashes before pausing indicates the fault. View the full list of fault codes.

A popping noise is coming from my fan.

Airfoil noise occurs when airfoils are not tightened to the specified torque. Disconnect the fan from power and disassemble the cage. Tighten the airfoil hardware to 29 ft·lb (39.3 N·m). Replace the cage before connecting the fan to power. If popping still occurs, contact Customer Service.

How do I replace a fuse on my fan?

To replace a fuse:

  1. Unplug the fan.
  2. Remove the six screws to open the controller enclosure.
  3. Gently twist and pull out the fuse holder and replace the fuse.
  4. Reinstall the fuse holder.
  5. Reattach the enclosure cover.

Suitable fuse replacements:

  • Bussman S505 Series
  • Littelfuse 215 Series
  • Mersen Fuse GSF
  • Bel Fuse 5HT

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