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Sweat Bee®

Targeted airflow in an industrial package.
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Sweat Bee® is built to deliver targeted airflow in small, tight spaces where regular fans are a buzzkill. A fleet of Sweat Bee fans can cool employees, clear smoke and fumes, and keep pesky insects at bay—all from up to 120 feet (37 meters) away. Tiny but mighty, Sweat Bee comes in a small, easy-to-mount package. Put it over a conveyor system or aim it at a workstation for a powerful cooling solution that’s as reliable as it is cost-effective.

  • Diameter options of 18-inch or 30-inch (45.7-cm and 76.2-cm)
  • Mounting options: wall mount/column mount, swivel arm, or pedestal
  • Corrosion-resistant barrel with 11-gauge steel construction
  • Zinc-plated, OSHA-compliant spiral guards
  • Statically and dynamically balanced fan airfoils for lasting performance
  • Ball bearing motor with 1 HP and 1/3 HP power options
  • Full 360-degree rotation and 40-degree tilt to target airflow to preferred angle
  • Motor precisely matched to hub assembly for superior performance and reliability
  • 12-foot (3.7-m) power cord for easy use
  • Available options include explosion-proof motor and color customization


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Buzz-Worthy Productivity

Increased airspeed is the key to rapid cooling. Just two business days after ordering eight Sweat Bee® directional fans, our clients at Impulse Manufacturing installed them along the conveyor to quickly cool down parts as they emerged from the oven. The fans allow staff to use the full capacity of the conveyor, increasing productivity by 25 percent. The Sweat Bee fans also cooled metal parts before they entered the paint booth, which led to a 50 percent decrease in excess paint buildup.All that with a no-sweat installation process and a price tag that doesn’t sting? You better bee-lieve it.

The Industrial Fan That’s Up for Anything

When you need industrial-strength, targeted airflow, you need Sweat Bee. Created specifically for industrial spaces, this fan outperforms the competition without breaking a sweat. Its feature-packed design makes it the perfect option for a wide variety of industrial fan applications, like:

  • Improving working conditions with cooling airflow
  • Reducing cool down times for hot materials and machinery
  • Providing targeted airflow to reduce insects, smoke, and fumes
  • Overhead mounting for conveyor system cooling
  • Workstation cooling and ventilation
  • Serious airflow in tight spaces

SpecLab® Custom Airflow Analysis

Our proprietary SpecLab software uses 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate our fans’ airflow in your space, giving you an accurate look at our fans’ performance before you buy.

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Mounting Options for Any Space

No room for fans? No problem! With multiple mounting options, your Sweat Bee can fit into the smallest industrial spaces and workstations. Mount it overhead, on the wall, or go for the pedestal mount to direct powerful airflow precisely where you need it. The swivel arm mount even allows you to change your Sweat Bee’s position easily as your airflow needs change.

The Heavy-Duty Fan Built to Last

We made Sweat Bee for industrial use. Need your Sweat Bee to work overtime? No problem! This bee rises to the challenge and asks for more. With dynamically balanced airfoils and a ball-bearing motor, Sweat Bee’s OSHA-compliant construction is designed to withstand years of heavy use while providing optimal safety and comfort.

Customize Your Sweat Bee’s Color Scheme

That’s right—you can choose from our nine custom-color options or select your own color to outfit your fan in style.

Valor Red, Powerfoil Yellow, Royal Blue, Alpine White, Vintage Silver, Gunmetal Gray, Oil-rubbed Bronze, Stealth Black or, choose your own color, and we’ll paint it!

Superior Coverage and Support

Unrivaled Warranty

Your Big Ass Fan is built to last. But in the unlikely event that yours isn’t operating like it’s supposed to, Sweat Bee is under a 3-year warranty. Depending on our expert recommendation, we’ll repair, replace, or refund your fan for no cost to you. The best part? We handle all warranties without redirecting you to component manufacturers. We make it, we sell it, we install it and we guarantee it..

Ready for a No-Sweat Comfort Solution?

Give our airflow experts a buzz at 844-924-4277 for a custom recommendation and instant answers to your Sweat Bee-related questions.

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