Powerfoil X2.0 Support


About Powerfoil X2.0

Is the ion technology retrofittable with my current fan?

Yes, retrofits are available for Big Ass Fans’ ion technology products. For installation pricing, please call Customer Service for more information or submit a request.

Controlling Powerfoil X2.0

Do I operate the ion technology separately from the fan?

No. The Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System ionizer will operate at any point when your Big Ass fan is receiving power.

How do I operate my fan?
  • To turn on the fan, press the “run” button.
  • To stop the fan, press “stop.”
  • To adjust the speed of the fan, press the up and down arrows .

Click here for more detailed instructions on the fan’s keypad and button functions.

My fan will not start.

Make sure all wires are securely connected and that supply power is adequate and functional. If the fan still does not start, contact Customer Service.

Trouble with Something Else

What do I do if the ion generators get wet?

Turn the fan on immediately after the ion generators get wet to dry the generators.

A popping noise is coming from my fan.

Airfoil noise occurs when airfoils are not tightened to the specified torque. Disconnect the fan from power, and then tighten the airfoil hardware to 29 ft·lb (39.3 N·m). Note: If the hardware is stainless steel, tighten the airfoil hardware to 10 ft·lb (13.6 N·m). If popping still occurs, verify that the airfoils are not contacting each other. If they are, contact Customer Service.

My fan wobbles during operation.
  • Verify that the mounting structure is rigid enough to support the fan and that the fan is not being exposed to external air forces.
  • If guy wires were installed, confirm proper installation. If guy wires were not installed, contact Customer Service.
My fan’s VFD generates radio frequency (RF) noise.

VFDs generate RF noise in many ways, but this can be prevented using proper wiring practices.

  • Do not run your fan and sensitive equipment on the same power line.
  • Ensure proper grounding at the motor, at the VFD, and from the VFD to the utility.

If noise is still present, contact Customer Service.

My fan’s motor makes noise when the speed is increased.
  • Audible high-frequency carrier noise may be an indicator of a stall condition.
  • Some motor, gearbox, or VFD noise is to be expected and is normal.
My keypad is showing “EF,” “OU,” or some other code.

This is most likely a fault code. Big Ass Fans have built-in checks that look for both internal and external faults.

If your keypad reads “EF,” your fire alarm has gone off. This fault only occurs if the fan is connected to your fire panel.

If your keypad reads “OU,” there has been a fluctuation in the power being supplied to the fan. This occurs most often after a storm.

If the keypad reads “CE-04,” or is blinking, hit the “Mode” button until the fault code appears on the screen. Then, press “Stop/Reset” to clear the fault. To restart your fan, press “run.”

Regardless of the fault code, you can clear it by hitting the “Stop/Reset” button. To restart your fan, press “run.”


None of the buttons on my keypad work.

Every PFX keypad is equipped with a feature that allows fan operation to be locked out with a four-digit password.  This may have been done accidentally. Click here for detailed instructions on unlocking the keypad.

Video: Locking and Unlocking the Powerfoil X Keypad

“Stop” is flashing on the keypad, and the fan won’t run.

After a power outage or a tripped circuit breaker, the fan will default into remote operation (REM). For normal operation, the fan should be in local operation mode (LOC). To switch back to LOC mode, press the “Local/REM” button once. If the fan does not automatically start up, press “Run.”

If the fan does not switch from REM to LOC, your keypad might be locked. If so, see the instructions for “None of the buttons on my keypad work.”

Still Need Help?

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